A poem for the new millennium, this one was written in the year 2000. A summary of what my life represented to me then and it is still just as valid today.  My purpose, my dreams and my vision have changed or expanded since those days but the fundamentals needed to get there remain the same.

Hot pink flowering Bougeanvillea plant in a turquoise coloured gant pot in front of a black wrought iron gate



I want to dance, I want to fly

I want to touch and feel the sky

I want to soar above it all

I want my life to stand tall


I need the faith and the belief

I need the strength to overcome the grief

I need hope to keep on going

I need trust in what I’m doing


I have the friends to encourage me

I have the love to fulfill me

I have the dream to inspire me

I have the obstacles to challenge me


I live my life with honesty

I live my life with integrity

I live my life with happiness

I live my life to pass the tests


I love my family, they’re always there

I love my friends, they really care

I love my work, it teaches me

I love my fate, it is destiny.

lizzy hodgins