Michelina Pelosi


While Michelina can no longer walk, she is a woman who walks her talk every day as an advocate for people living with a disability, and an inspiration for anyone dealing with adversity. 
Michelina’s purpose driven journey began in the summer of 1989 when a tragic car accident left her with an L2 level of spinal cord Injury. While everyday Michelina is reminded of her accident, she is adamant that her condition does not define her ability to live an unbroken life.
Choosing to fly from day one Michelina commenced her corporate career in human resources working for Qantas. Over the years she has also gained experience in finance and marketing working for SC Johnson & Son and Wheytogo Pty Ltd. These skills enabled Michelina to understand the challenges of living with a disability in the workforce, and as a result, she became incredibly resourceful in creating solutions that got the job done, regardless of the circumstances. It is no surprise she became an entrepreneur in the years that followed. 
In 1998, Michelina co-founded a made to measure bridal and evening wear fashion brand known as Epoq Pty Ltd. Michelina’s lived experience with a disability enabled her to develop a level of empathy with her client, and because of that she always had the customers experience front of mind. As a result, Epoq won awards in both business and marketing and was considered a very successful business in the Bridal Industry. 

Epoq ceased trading in 2006 as Michelina felt a calling to inspire and educate not only other people living with a disability but to also educate young people. This journey began when Michelina took a role with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia as a peer support officer. During this period she also gained experience as a teacher working for the Sydney Institute NSW TAFE in Randwick. Since that day she has never looked back. 
Today Michelina continues to challenge the status quo travelling the world with only her wheelchair as a travel guide! She is an avid writer posting regularly to her blog 'Pushing Through Life'. As a professional speaker, she empowers people with the skills to step into their full potential regardless of limitations. She is also a sought-after presenter for the Paraplegic Benefit Fund Australia working to educate young people on the importance of road related safety. She knows too well how lives can be altered if we are not responsible drivers. 
Michelina exudes passion, purpose and vibrantly spins the wheels of life. She is charismatic and inspiring while also providing robust outcomes for individuals, communities and corporate organisations seeking inspiration. As an expert in overcoming adversity, resilience and developing a positive mindset Michelina’s message is bold and beautiful. We can all live a life unbroken.

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