Back in the 1990s I was impacted deeply by an amazing person who changed my life on some fundamental levels. Over the years I have been blessed to have encountered more than one special person who has unfolded a fundamental part of me each time. When I read this poem again, I realised that this poem reflects so many amazing people who have come into my life. Some have come to teach me, some to make me laugh and make me cry, all have come to allow me to grow into the best person I can be. Some have stayed and some have gone but all have meant something to me that will forever become the fabric of who I am.

I dedicate this poem to all the special people in my life over the years. I am forever grateful for your presence and impact, with love always.

Six artistic metal ball structures, one in the foreground and five in the background on a grass field

(Photos: Top – Tulips in window at Wild Brumby’s Above – Metal artistic structures on Wild Brumby grounds, Thredbo, NSW, Australia, September 2016)


Sometimes in life you meet someone who completely floors you

Redefines the meaning of life for you and instills a new belief you never thought possible

They are the one to turn the key to your soul who reveal the real you

They allow you to be real without the fear that has kept that door locked for so long

They are a permanent part of a redefined life that could never be without them

They don’t realise or know how they do all these things but by just being themselves they are

They are so precious that it is rare to meet such a someone

When you do, you are truly blessed and live in the hope that maybe you too, do something so real for them

This special someone is an inspiration and has become a true friend for life

They are humble about it and play down their importance but you know what it means to have met an angel who has rescued you from darkness and emptiness

It is with this knowledge that we move forward and cherish each and every moment

For life is short and we need to embrace it with both hands

You never realised the importance of this until now…it is time to move on

lizzy hodgins