This poem was written back in 1993.  It isn’t like my typical rhymes, it was a picture that I painted taking the reader visually through the woods.  A poem that highlighted for me something that I thought I would never be able to do from the wheelchair at that time.  Fortunately these days there are accessible bush tracks in various parts of the world not making it an impossible dream anymore.

A reflective poem that makes me feel calm by the time I have finished reading it.  A realisation that we are just a drop in the ocean, a speck of dust in the air.  Our minds magnify and enlarge our lives and problems so much, when in fact, in the grand scheme of things, in just a flicker time is gone.

Country road with tall trees arching over the road during autumn in UK

(Photo: Country road in Chesham, UK, April 2015)


A walk through the woods

The air is crisp

The birds are singing

The dew has settled

The path is winding

The trees are alive

They are green and tall

The sun filters through

Splintering the forest with rays of light

The air is calm

You are alone and at peace

You trek through and continue to climb

Your breathing is hard and the climb is long

But when you’ve reached the top

Breathless, the view is worth it

You can see the world down below

Such minute figures moving

You realise that in life

We are quite insignificant

Nature, so large and eternal

It will always outlive our lives and problems

And the cycle turns…

lizzy hodgins