This poem is dedicated to all the women who are travelling the road to become strong and independent and the men who support them, who respect them and are inspired by them.  Nothing is more liberating than the feeling you get when you discover your inner power to stand on your own two feet with nothing holding you back!

The power of a woman is deep within her soul

It carries all her baggage it carries it all

The hardships presented test her inner core

It is then that her soul comes to the fore


To overcome the insecurities and the guilt that she holds

To allow her to trust and believe and be bold

To let go of the past and the heavier load

The one she has carried and self imposed


It is then that she feels the lightest of light

It is her inner peace that now delights

With a smile and a knowing that she conquered her demons

She’s now open and smiling she knows she is winning


The battle of life and finding her purpose

Is the power of a woman coming to the surface

Reaching out to others with love and caring

This is how a woman is the most nurturing


By helping someone else she herself heals

The power then is shared and the light revealed

The energy needed to brighten this world

Is within that power that now is unfurled

Michelina Pelosi