A dream is but a thought that crosses through the mind

It festers and develops with a passion that is blind

Your heart becomes attached to it and never lets it go

It becomes a part of you from head down to your toes


It is a vision and a picture of the life we want to live

It commands us to take action, to experience and to give

It helps us to develop the person that we are

It gives our life some meaning no matter who you are


We all have a dream, deep within our soul

It takes courage to extract it and then to take control

To develop the idea and then to follow through

To face all of the obstacles and uncertainty that’s due


The power of a dream will see you through all this

No obstacles’ too high, no challenge gone remiss

The feeling that you get when the dream then comes true

It overrides the hardships and the work that you do


Somehow a new frontier is set to challenge you again

A new dream, a new thought and the mind shall begin

Again we develop and we conquer yet once more

For the dreamers that we are we never close the door


Life is but a dream, an accumulation of thought

It drives us to our destiny, to experience, to be taught

It’s the people that we meet that show us the way

To conquer all our dreams each and every day

Michelina Pelosi