Today’s poem is a tribute to my darker days when I struggled emotionally a lot more and on some days I wondered whether I wanted to keep going.  Life seemed too hard.  I’m glad to see that these days I am so far removed from those dark thoughts.  I still get down on occasion but the pit is not so deep nowadays, it’s not so hard to climb out of it. Time does heal, as much as we would like to recover from tragic events quickly – time is needed to mend the emotional pain. How much time is needed will depend on the individual but the reality is that we are consistently healing struggles of some sort throughout our lives. The journey never ends, we just learn to mend more easily as we go.

Today I realised just one thing

How fragile life is, we can’t give in

Although we’re tempted, even once

We can’t succumb and lose our chance


For at the end of every day

We’re all the same in many ways

What we need and what we want

Is to be loved, even when we can’t


To take my life and end it there

What would I do to those I care?

It’s not an issue just for me

I’ll be gone, I won’t face thee


But how much love could I give

If I were, to stay and live?

I do have much to give and share

Even when life seems so bare


So back I go and stop the thought

Suppress the pain, I know I ought

It’s life I need to dwell upon

And cherish friends I can count on


They are the strength that carries me

When I am down and feeling empty

They also lift me to the sky

And make me glad I didn’t die


For life is what I make of it

It’s up to me to cherish it

To learn and live for every moment

Life is beautiful, it is chosen

Michelina Pelosi